I said, I am! (S.Korea is worth my fanGirling!)


Annyeong Haseyo! (^^)>

I’m a SSuper fan of K-dramas, K-Pop, K-Fashion, K-Entertainment, K-Cosmetics and everything that goes with it. Yes! I’m  a  and not a Korean.

What drives me to write about this is because I’m freakin’ crazy being entertained by foreigners. Some says, I’m a frustrated Korean, die hard fan and even an addict! (What the?!) Well, can I still deny it guys? I’m always into a “fighting aja-aja!” mode, my clothes says who I wear, my message tone is “munja washong which repeats three times”, my phone is invaded by my chinky eyed crushes and k-pop sounds. I always play them that even my niece, according to my expert opinion is also becoming like one… Omo!

Bottom line, I love the way they have influenced others by their originality, their artistry and patriotism. It didn’t fail to move me everytime I watch K-dramas, like I dreamed of being a lawyer when I watched “Partners” by Lee Dong Wook; my cravings for breads and pastries has grown even more because of Tak Goo; my little bit of “like” for Ji Hoo~sunbae turned into my Shillang to marry someday (fingers crossed! hahhah); To be a public servant like Ah Jung~ah in Lie to me, full of dignity and passion to serve the country and suddenly a City Hunter! Yeah!. Watching those awaken my aspirations and beliefs that I could explore more of my potentials and I think I have to realize at least one. hmnnn… 🙂

I have read the essay by Jaeyoun Kim-here’s the link please have a good read, http://www.archlipa.org/commission/lacmmi/articles/LetterToPinoys.htm where he pointed out what’s particularly missing in our values as Filipinos. True. There should always be LOVE for our country. Just like when we fall in love, we don’t intend to to cause harm but to protect and cherish every moment with it. We all know that Philippines is a very rich country by its undeniably amazing sceneries and natural resources. Folks, Its already given! South Korea doesn’t have much of it that during the reign of different dynasties centuries ago they built those castles and make it a national treasure today and got even more popular because of Jang Geum and Jumong that’s why its being visited by millions of tourist every year. It only goes to show that what we can do today can be everybody’s pride someday. Filipinos and Koreans are likely the same, like how we value our tradition, religion, family, seniority and the country.

I got so struck by how South Korea have grown like this. Maybe because their government is as diligent as its people and always giving confidence to its citizens that they’re all working together. It shows evidently because even boy/girl groups in the entertainment industry is training so hard years before they deserve to have their debut. Celebrities are well loved because they expose their weaknesses on national tv like Strong Heart. In our country its somehow a different story because most celebrities here don’t know how to be truthful about themselves. Haven’t they noticed only those who have talent plus passion succeeds in the business and not just lies on looks.

My Oppas were all tasked to serve their country for enlisting to ARMY is mandatory. Awww… its sad not to see them for 2 years. See! Truly admirable on how the government maintains that system and how proud the boys are for being one. On the other hand, Philippines wouldn’t need to have Piolo or John Lloyd defending our land because we have capable volunteers to armed us. Filipinos as well are worth to admire for that.

I strongly believed that Filipinos has so much to offer to the world. Remember we’re like bamboo bush, we easily get back to where we used to stand. So let’s give our best, always at our best for us not to keep looking the negative side of the unfinished picture. Let’s say opo, po, salamat, ingat, welcome more often. Let’s  give encouragement to every person we meet. In Korea, even you’ve just passed someone and suddenly have a chat and after that small conversation both will say, “you’ve work hard.” or whenever there’s a newbie in a workplace, he/she would say “please take good care of me.” That’s the difference, we Filipinos acts as cool as possible and have forgotten to be “Pinoy” sometimes. In general, we tend to care so much of our image, our status and our ego. For this I want to share my most treasured Bible verse: Roman 12:1-21. There you’ll find God as an encouraging and optimistic God.  Here’s the link- http://www.biblestudytools.com/romans/passage.aspx?q=Romans+12:1-21

Yehey! I’ve finally shared my thoughts. I’m completely inspired and ready for work. Thanks for the visit! Let’s “fighting!”. God bless Philippines!

Love lots,


just to let you know~~~

I know that there will be times in the future that I could waver from my decisiveness to be a public servant. Well, that’s mainly the reason why I’m putting my thoughts into words for this to be my proof to stick to this commitment. Both my parents are working in the government and I just like to be one few years from now. I want to test myself that’s why I’m wanting to throw myself to the corrupt mindset of some to our government. Hope to receive your blessings and make this as a reminder and everyone who have read be my witness. That if ever I get tired or discouraged, I’ll think of day like this when I’m so blessed. Think of the days I treasure. Receive strength from it and live on. Let our hopes make us glad 🙂